Full sheet cnc

This is our latest offering in the cnc market. This price is for our 1325 machine making it easy to process full sheets. With a high power 2.2kw spindle, powerful nema 34 stepper motors and heavy duty build this machine will help you make whatever you need to make, it doesn’t matter if it’s for a hobby in your shed or to save costs instead of outsourcing.

We have other machines available so feel free to look at our other listings

Currently lead time is 20-65 working days.

We can customize these to fit whatever specs and budget you are looking for so get in touch today.

feel free to email us at info@cnchub.nz for custom quotes

Basic specs:
Work area 2500×1300
2.2kw spindle
High power nema 34 steppers
Rack drive x and dual y with tension plates
Ball screw z
Linear rails on all axis
Mach 3 controller
Aluminium design

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