3D Printing

We have multiple printers on site including one that is capable of printing a massive 500x500x600mm. These enable us to help you with anything you want to print. It doesn’t matter if it’s something as tiny as a spacer or a full aircon duct adapter. Find a stl on thingiverse or make your own. Otherwise get in touch about out design service.

Prototype Design

We have helped many customers who have an idea but don’t have a expertise to make it more than just an idea. It doesn’t matter if you only kinda know what you want or you have it mostly designed and just require the CAD modeling done. We can make your idea reality.

CNC Routing

We have multiple inhouse designed CNC routers that we are able to use to make anything that out other services aren’t able to.

Laser Cutting and engraving

With a large work area of 900x600mm and a high 100w output we can do a large range of laser services. We can do everything from custom coasters right through to images engraved right across a board.

Plasma cutting

Coming Soon-

Got something that you want made from steel? We can do both art pieces or engineering plates from a wide range or materials.

Lots and lots more

Want something that doesn’t fit in this list? Get in touch as we have a wide range of tools not listed and industry contacts for anything that needs to be outsourced.

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