Genuine QB2 CNC ROUTER Australian made

$6,517.39 Ex GST


CNCHub Ltd is proud to anounce we have partnered with CNC3D in Aus to become the NZ wide Supplier for the genuine QB2, these are made in Aus abd then assembled and tested here in NZ.

Stock currently on the way so get in touch today to make sure you secure your machine today.

Meet the QB2, the final evolution of our Australian made QueenBee CNC.

We have listened to and observed the feedback of the CNC community and we believe the QB2 design is the most overly engineered and well priced CNC machines in the serious hobby to light commercial CNC machine category.

The original QueenBee featured an 8mm leadscrew drive on all axes with precision HGR15 profile rails on the X and Y axis and MGN15 profile rails on the Z axis.

The QB2 has had some serious upgrades with high precision ballscrews on all axes and the Z axis linear rails now use larger HGR15 profile rails on the Z axis to provide superior results on a variety of materials.

Classified a heavy duty hobby machine, it’s built for serious home hobby CNC operators who want to beautifully shear through alloys like brass and aluminium up to 30mm thickness with ease.

The QB2 was designed to make light work of materials such as:

  • Timbers (All)
  • Plastics (All)
  • Foams (If machinable)
  • Alloys (Aluminium and brass)
  • Composite panels

Each QB2 machine includes: Nighthawk CNC controller Easy probing mount Limit switches Endmills to get started All wiring and cabling A fitted MDF spoilboard Fully assembled


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